Mr. Animesh Mukherjee

Being a CEO Mr. Animesh Mukherjee controls the entertainment world with great passion and integrity. Renowned for the expertise in Entertainment Industry AMS is credited with many commercial successes as well as critically acclaimed merits through his hands. Being highly experienced he always motivates his team members to insist on the technical aspects to create projects tailored to appeal to the discerning audience. He firmly believes in working with a variety of actors and crew members at many different experience levels with an eagerness to bring out the best out of them. As a CEO, Mr. Mukherjee promises to be in the continuous process of exploring the intriguing world of film production & finding out about the complexities of development, distribution and finance.




Anuka involved herself actively for a couple of years with her capability in taking crucial and instant decisions  in nearly every phase of a project to bring it to fruition. 

With hands on experience and precise knowledge she sets her strategic goals for AMS  on how the overall system will operate uninterruptedly.

Maintaining a prolific role she has the ability to analyze and monitor uniquely towards achieving the objectives and targets on time. With sharp vision and unique qualities she controls a film's artistic and dramatic aspects before execution.

Anuka  plays a key role  as an EP in leading the company to move ahead with her keen business sense and intimate knowledge of all aspects in Film production, financing, marketing and distribution.

She responsibly manages the budget during production and ably identifies commercial marketable places.

Creative Head.jpg

creative head


Young, dynamic, self starting and with an aptitude towards innovating new ideas and analyzing latest trends, Sayani helps AMS to keep with the times.

She oversees the creative process and give guidance to the creative people working under her with her digital and graphic design skills.

Years of experience, help greatly members of the team to work together to develop conceptual campaigns  designed to stand apart from competitors.

Working at the cutting edge of new technologies she readily grasp changes in technical innovation across multiple platforms.

With her interpersonal skills she reinvigorates an established or emerging market, pitching ideas to clients, story boarding or translating ideas to creative team of art directors and designers, evaluating and if necessary altering the content of projects before completion.



Maintaining a positive reputation of the brand AMS, Som develops a strategic relationship with the viewers, perspective audience, employees and stakeholders. Constantly efforts to promote AMS by using editorial content appearing on magazines, newspapers, news channels, websites, blogs and TV programs. As the industry growing expeditiously he conducts market research to know more about interests, attitude and priorities to the customers as well as crafting strategies to project launch special campaigns, brand awareness in age and positioning.

From holding a press conference to announce the new cast, releasing a teaser/ trailer to organising a photo - op he involves the media to help create the buzz surrounding the film.

Apart from promoting the film to the audience with rich content Som also helps in promoting the films to distributors, film festivals, influencers and bloggers.

Honorary Adviser.jpg

Tapas Kr Chakraborty

AMS is privileged to bestow Tapas Kr. Chakraborty as an Honorary Adisor who delivers solution with conviction and passion whilst operating in complex situations.

With a strong acting background in theatres and films for over four decades he involves himself from the early production process in such things as script choice, story, rewrites with vital information and technical expertise. He ensures that policies and procedures are robust enough to handle hazards so that a complicated area is portrayed accurately in production.

He is the "eyes and ears" of the esteemed house, privy to unique and powerful insights about the industry culture, performance and future direction.

Mr. Chakraborty is continuously rendering proper advice and discuss opportunities, challenges and next steps.

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and deals affairs promptly with dedication, time honesty and discretion.