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AMS Motion Pictures along with Jharkhand Uday News and Creations Inventing Talents is organising Cine Vision International Short Film Festival for last seven year in Ghatshila, Jharkhand, India. This is our glorious 8th year celebration. 

The whole world in under a pandemic situation at this moment. We lost many of our friends, families and celebrities. Thus this year we have planed to conduct the Cine Vision International Short Film Festival online.

Your wishes and support will help us to make our Film Festival Glorious and Successful.

Date : 27/12/2020

Time: 6pm onwards

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Ravi Prakash Singh

CEO Jharkhan Uday News



Creative Head

AMS Motion Pictures

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Jayant Upadhaya


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Richa Srivastav


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Animesh Mukherjee

CEO AMS Motion Pictures

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FIlm Listing                             Director

1.   Virus                                  Jack O'Donoghue

2.  Swapno Uran                     Animesh Mukherjee

3.  Sutak                                  Rudra Majithia

4.  Roll No. 17                           Dhananjoy Maldal

5.  Home Quarantine               Md. Nizam

6.  Shishirer Shabda               Nripen Dey

7.  A Look                                 Ahmed Kormod

8.  Valobasa                            Animesh Mukherjee

9.  Lockdiown in Kolkata       Amit Payra

10. Pind                                   Premesh Chandrakanta Bose

11. The Sunglass                     Swapan Biswas

12. Vidrohi                               Animesh Mukherjee